The Homelessness Prevention Coordinator (HPC) project is a service initiative that will utilize a “Housing First” approach to assist people with acquired brain injuries to retain and sustain access to safe, affordable housing. These individuals struggle with short term memory impairment, organization, insight, literacy, comprehension, impulse control, and often experience barriers to current service models available. Due to difficulties within these areas, individuals experience profound and long-term barriers in housing. Individuals struggle to access medical and support services. They continue to struggle with income security, food security and meeting their basic needs. Long-term homelessness, shelter stays, incarceration, and frequent hospitalization are commonplace, and are made more likely by the cognitive barrier. 

The Brain Injury Association of North Bay and Area is committed to providing agile, barrier free services to support access to safe and affordable housing options within the Nipissing district. We aim to meet individuals where they are currently at. This program is funded throught the Social Services Relief funding through to December 31st 2021. This funding provides a part-time HPC to provide homelessness prevention support and assist with housing needs. 


According to a Study done in 2008 through St. Mikes Hospital in Toronto, Over 53% of the homelessness population identified having a brain injury with 70% of participants reporting the injury occured before the onset of homelessness. This study has been duplicated in other countries with similar results. 

 To access the results of this study click on the link