Homelessness Research and Information

Homeless Hub

  • Web: http://homelesshub.ca
  • Description: The Canadian Observatory on Homelessness is the largest national research institute devoted to homelessness in Canada. The COH is the curator of the Homeless Hub – a library of over 30,000 resources.

Housing First Toolkit

  • Web: https://housingfirsttoolkit.ca/
  • Description: The toolkit was developed to assist other Canadian communities that are interested in adopting the Housing First approach.

Housing Search

Facebook group



Rent Board

Housing Services

DNSSAB Housing Services

  • Address: 200 McIntyre Street East, Ontario
  • Phone: 705.474.2151
  • Fax: 705.474.0136
  • Web: https://dnssab.ca/housing-services/clients/more-details/
  • Description: DNSSAB’s CHPI Client Benefits Program provides assistance to households experiencing homelessness and at-risk of homelessness by providing direct benefit support and Homelessness Prevention Navigator services.

Tenant Training

Rent Smart

  • Description: "This is a virtual, online RentSmart Certificate Course.