We are currently seeking brain injury survivors and family members / caregivers who would like to be mentors or be partnered with mentors. Contact Kyleah at peermentorcoordinator@outlook.com

The Peer Support Program is for People Living with ABI or their loved ones. It connects an individual who is a “veteran” of a life experience involving Acquired Brain Injury (the “Mentor”) with a “Partner” who is coping with a similar ABI-related situation and is in need of support from a knowledgeable friend.  Both Mentors and Partners can be survivors, (unpaid) caregivers or family members. All Mentors receive training before being matched with Partners. Training materials have been developed and are provided to each Peer Support Mentor

The role of the Mentor is to provide support, share information and resources with Partners who are coping with a similar ABI-related situation.  These situations may occur at various points post injury.  All Mentors are volunteers. 

Mentor/Partner matches are based on similar experiences and/or demographic information and personal interests.  Most of the mentoring will be conducted over the telephone, although some Mentors and Partners choose e-mail, making it possible for anyone in Ontario to participate.

To find out more about how you can become a volunteer, or receive support from a Mentor please contact Kyleah Hand at peermentorcoordinator@outlook.com or by phone at 705-840-8882